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Hey Newgrounds! I just finished school for this semester (With straight A's for the first time in my life) so I got some time to kill before the next one starts. That means new youtube videos, which you can find below. I also have a new song that is written that just needs some mixng and mastering done to it as well as a new article posted on hubpages!

Feel free to subscribe to me on youtube, (trying to hit 500 subscribers) if you like my content and like me on Facebook!

Article : http://hubpages.com/politics/Third-Wave-Feminism-vs-Second-Wave-is-it-a-step-backwards 
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New videos up, check them out!

2016-10-24 18:12:24 by i9incher

Still doing the weekly video upload. feel free to subscribe (Im at 435 subscribers right now) if you like my videos.

Still trying to branch out but hoping to reach 500 (fingers crossed)


check out my pages:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYKZHCTuyNU0evUoWIfnFKw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/I9incher-119378728124875/


Hello Everyone.

So I am currently posting a video at least once a week on my youtube channel.
Most of these are shitposts/Memes which is what My channel was originally about before I started making music.
I eventually want to start doing blog projects and debunking videos but I need to do a lot of research on topics before I feel like I can talk about them from an informed POV.

I am skeptical of a lot of claims in the world but it seems like nobody really takes the time to look at data that is being presented when they make a "debunk." claim. I want to be the person to do that.

I have been going to school and concentrating on getting my Degree in business management with a minor in marketing. I hope to some day work for a marketing firm making unique advertisements and eventually have my own consulting firm/business.

With so much time being dedicated to school, I don't have a lot of time to work on music or being creative but I feel that making videos is a way for me to express myself and I often use it as a from of meditation to help me get through the day.

I just feel like I should be further along in life than I currently am so I want to work really hard to play "catch up" with the rest of the world. Newgrounds has helped me a lot over the years and I have always felt a great sense of community here on the site. So thank you to everyone that has been a fan of mine over the years, you all are awesome.

Below I have some stuff of mine you can check out.





Hey Everyone, Just an Update here.

So I am still working on music currently but I have been side tracked with college and work life.
I am really picky about what I release and I don't want to just upload everything I make since 9 times out of 10 it is utter shit.

I have been more active on youtube as of late though and have been uploading content in the style of what I used to do when I first started youtube, which would be Edits and Basically shit posts.

I don't have a lot of subscribers right now (I'm at 416 since posting this) But I would really appreciate you guys checking it out and subscribing or sharing some videos if you like them.

I really want to produce some vlogs talking about general content such as Egalitarianism, Music reviews, ETC.

It just seems like every channel on youtube now is either lets plays or top ten lists so I wanted to bring some creativity back to the Video spectrum.

As always check out my Facebook page, sound cloud, and if you want to see some memes I have a Tickld acoutn as well.








Now taking requests for songs

2016-01-13 18:18:25 by i9incher

Hey, So I have been busy doing things with school and work and haven't really been motivated to sit down and make new music. So I'm looking to get back into it again and a really big motivator for me would be doing songs for animations/games. I have links below of things I have material in. feel free to message me directly.( I do stuff for free, just want credit) 

My Facebook
i9incher - Facebook
My youtube Page (I'm close to 400 subscribers, maybe help me out?)

Things I have music in:

infiltrating the airship ( the scene where you are in the ball running down the hallway)


I Sell Art Now

2015-02-08 21:55:52 by i9incher

so after awhile of being absent from the music scene I have been going into another passion of mine which is making digital art.

I take photos and edit them into cool modern designs and then make them into canvases. Right now I only have two up for sale but if I sell enough I can buy more and eventually expand my market.

you can check out my page Here :  https://www.etsy.com/shop/i9studios?ref=shop_sugg

My facebook page is still up and running here : https://www.facebook.com/pages/I9incher/119378728124875

and My youtube page can be found here : https://www.youtube.com/user/i9incher 

in other news, I recently recived my first payment for a song ever thanks to Puffballs United and his game "infiltrating the Airship." for which I had a song included in the game. he is going to be making a cellphone app version soon so feel free to check that out and the other games in that series.

New EP released

2014-07-14 18:07:28 by i9incher

Hey guys, so I have been really busy lately on the music scene. For awhile now I have been leaning away from the electronic side of music and have been focusing more on my project with my band "Merge Without Looking". we actually just gotten finished recording and mastering our 3 song ep "Break" and we are currently working on show dates and merch. currently, any songs i have posted with them have been demos so these are the final tracks. if you guys want to hear new stuff from me feel free to check it out with the links I have provided and give us a like on facebook if you want. The more love the better.


https://www.facebook.com/MWlooking - facebook page

http://mergewithoutlooking.bandcamp.com/releases - album to stream on our bandcamp.

My band is going to be releasing a demo lp of 7-8 songs soon to hand out at shows. basically we are wanting something that will make us stand out more as all the other local bands around here just use their band names over a plain cover, so something a little creative but it doesn't have to be the mona lisa. message for details and, depending on your work, we can work back and forth with different ideas and maybe manage a payment depending on the quality of work.  

news: working on music in a new way

2013-11-15 21:03:08 by i9incher

First off, I just want to thank everyone that enjoys my music and the people that use my tunes in their vids/games. you guys are awesome.

in other news, I have been mostly working on music with my new band, which you can find here : merge without looking facebook page

so if there is new music out, expect it to be more on the alternative rock side, I will still however try to make electronic tracks and if anyone wants me to make something for them feel free to ask.


i9incher facebook page

i9incher - youtube page

album : Black and White

Hey. SO my song Psychosis is featured in Infiltrating the Airship and my song scene kids hate ska is featured in sparkle pom pom squad by twisted4000.

really cool. I will be willing to do more song for people to use for their flash animations if they ask me. I have been meaning to make more tracks, it's just my computer can't seem to handle to much more. (poor thing. I think it was ninjas.) But if you are interested and want me to do something for you, feel free to browse my songs or message me to make one for you and I will be more than happy to. as always, check out my facebook and youtube page. and my twitter now. hooray!

i9incher - facebook

i9incher - youtube

i9incher - soundcloud

i9incher - twitter

who has material in two front paged flashes? this guy!