New EP released

2014-07-14 18:07:28 by i9incher

Hey guys, so I have been really busy lately on the music scene. For awhile now I have been leaning away from the electronic side of music and have been focusing more on my project with my band "Merge Without Looking". we actually just gotten finished recording and mastering our 3 song ep "Break" and we are currently working on show dates and merch. currently, any songs i have posted with them have been demos so these are the final tracks. if you guys want to hear new stuff from me feel free to check it out with the links I have provided and give us a like on facebook if you want. The more love the better.

-i9incher - facebook page - album to stream on our bandcamp.


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2014-07-14 20:29:54

Cool :-)

i9incher responds:

thank you friend. ;)


2014-07-27 14:16:04

Don't know if u remember my comment a long time ago and i kinda just wanted to say sorry about that ....I was young and i don't really remember why I did it. Your a good musician one song I always liked from you was losing myself to reality........thanks for making it.

i9incher responds:

aw yes "gods wrath" I think it was. no hard feelings. thanks for the compliment. ;)