Looking for artist to do album cover (willing to pay)

2013-12-22 21:36:54 by i9incher

My band is going to be releasing a demo lp of 7-8 songs soon to hand out at shows. basically we are wanting something that will make us stand out more as all the other local bands around here just use their band names over a plain cover, so something a little creative but it doesn't have to be the mona lisa. message for details and, depending on your work, we can work back and forth with different ideas and maybe manage a payment depending on the quality of work.  


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2013-12-23 02:17:35

hey I've done a few covers before and similar work, my style is not bad, I can offer from traditional to digital or even a mix of both. my portfolio is at awbwblog.com


2013-12-23 03:27:59

uhh i'd like to know more about that, I'll shoot you a pm, but you can check some stuff I did here on my ng page