Like my facebook please (got 300 subscribers on youtube)

2012-09-13 21:37:00 by i9incher

first off, Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped me reach 300 subscribers on youtube. what I am trying to do now is reach 100 likes on my facebook page. I got about 60 right now so only 40 more to go till I reach my goal!

also, got a new logo for here that I will be uploading soon that was made by a fan. in fact, if any of you guys make things I will post them on my fb for the world to see. how cool is that?

ep is coming along nicely and I will start recording some audio soon with a local artist here in KS.

so please, check out and like my fb page, all it takes is a few clicks and you will help me as an artist by making me look more professional. which in turn will help me to spread my music, maybe get some money to get some tables and start doing shows.

see, i'll even provide a link for you.

i9incher- facebook page

i9incher- youtube

i9incher bandcamp/ album black and white

i9incher soundcloud

Like my facebook please (got 300 subscribers on youtube)


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2012-10-11 08:15:08

Grats on them subs!