welcome back I suppose

2012-08-09 23:09:46 by i9incher

just saying I'm still alive. I'm actually making tracks again and am going to be releasing an ep soon to follow up black and white. haven't decided on a name yet but I know I want it to be between 4-7 songs and still free.

you can still get my album for free btw off of bandcamp.

my facebook fan page isn't as strong as I would like it to be. as of now I only have 61 likes. I am hoping to get it to at least 100 sometime soon and beyond so if you haven't liked my facebook page yet please do so. after all, that's where I post the most recent updates and everything.

so as always I want to thank all my fans for all their support. you guys are awesome.


i9incher youtube page.

i9incher - soundcloud

i9incher - facebook

i9incher - bandcamp

welcome back I suppose


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2012-08-10 00:42:10

welcome back

i9incher responds:

thanks! you should check out my fb page. pander pander pander! lol.